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In communities throughout Illinois, people are coming forward to say “Enough is Enough.”  For the first time in three quarters of a century, American parents are no longer confident that their children will do as well as they do economically.  Wall Street and the big banks crashed the economy and were bailed out by us taxpayers but now continue to foreclose on families while recording record profits.  Big corporations continue to outsource jobs, collect corporate welfare subsidies and lobby for loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Meanwhile millions of families face foreclosures, unemployment and financial ruin and our communities face growing cuts to schools and vital services for the elderly, children the disabled and public safety.

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois is a new statewide initiative in Illinois that brings together a wide variety of individuals, communities, service providers, congregations and other organizations of all types and places: Chicago and its suburbs and downstate cities, towns and rural areas, young and old, from all races, ethnicities and religions to call for our elected officials and other decision makers to put people first! Not banks first, not corporate profits first, not campaign contributions first—People First!

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois will be addressing important issues at all levels of government, local, county, state and federal. We began on May 12, 2011 by calling for our Illinois General Assembly and state elected officials to begin to hold Wall Street and the big banks accountable for the effects of the global economic crisis on our state and local revenues and our state budget.  We will continue to work until our government represents families and communities instead of corporate power and profits.

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois is a collaboration of: Illinois Peoples Action, Illinois & Indiana Regional Organizing Network, Lakeview Action Council,  Northside POWER, A Just Harvest, National People’s Action and Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL)

For more information, please contact: David Hatch, dhatch@soulinchicago.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Spring 2011 Legislative Agenda 

Pass HB 1810 to enact a $500 fee on banks for foreclosing on homeowners. This would fund mediation programs that would allow 75% of homeowners to modify their loans, stabilize communities and put $20 million back into our state budget.

Pass HB 1109 to allow communities to charge fees for bank owned vacant property that is not kept up. These fees can be used to keep up property, reduce crime, stabilize home values, return property taxes to local communities and boost the Illinois economy.

De-couple Illinois from the ridiculous federal rules that allow corporations to write off costs far in advance of spending them. This corporate welfare costs Illinois more than $1 billion over the next 2 years! Cut this corporate loophole and stop cuts to our children’s education and vital services for our communities and the most vulnerable among us.

Hold hearings on toxic Interest Rate Swaps that overcharge interest to the state and our cities & towns. These rip offs cost our State budget $88 million per year and our cities and towns hundreds of millions more!

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