We are the 99%!

Right now the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago want to give the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) tax breaks after they made billions of dollars in profits this quarter.

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois is urging everyone who feels this isn’t right, and they feel big banks and big corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes NOW to sign our petition below.

Remember, WE ARE THE 99%!

A message from Make Wall Street Pay Illinois
and the citizens of Illinois:

To Governor Pat Quinn,
Senate President John Cullerton,
and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan:

You must vote NO on tax breaks
for the CME and CBOE!

To Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

You must publicly oppose these tax breaks!

In this moment Americans across our nation our rising up and saying, “NO MORE!” You cannot give another tax dodge to the 1%, the very ones that crashed our economy with their financial speculation!

No more to trickle down economics
No more to tax breaks for the rich and big corporations
No more bailouts and corporate welfare by working taxpayers
No more cuts to education and services for our most vulnerable citizens
No more to lack of job creation

One year ago Illinois families had our taxes raised to stave off draconian cuts to our state budget while the wealthy do not pay their fair share. Now the wealthiest 1% want to STEAL OUR TAXES AGAIN!

Whose side are YOU on?

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois is keeping a score card and will let everyone in your district know how you vote on this, a clear test of allegiance:

Do you represent the 99%, or Wall Street and the 1%?
This vote will tell!  

Vote NO against tax breaks
for the CBOE and CME, Illinois’ Wall Street

If you need help contacting your state legislators, please click here to find them using your address: http://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/districtofficialsearchbyaddress.aspx


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  1. “Who’s” means “who is/has.”

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