May 12: Statewide Day of Action


The State of Illinois is facing a $6 billion deficit. While saying there is no alternative, the State continues to cut mental health services, funding for public education, and programs for low-income children, and care for seniors. Meanwhile, Wall Street continues to foreclose on hundreds of thousands of Illinois families and neglects to pay their taxes. In response, protesters in six cities will deliver a message to Wall Street and Illinois elected officials on Thursday May 12th — it is time for big banks like JP Morgan Chase to end the revenue crisis, create jobs, and stop illegal foreclosures.

Illinoisans will launch Make Wall Street Pay Illinois, with a series of actions at JP Morgan Chase locations and offices of State Legislators. MWSP organizers have a three point plan to get much needed money out of the hands of Wall Street and Big Banks and back in the Illinois state budget, which is currently facing a $6 billion dollar deficit. Wall Street and Big Banks, like JP Morgan Chase, are projected to cost Illinois taxpayers $7.4 billion dollars alone in costs associated with foreclosures by 2012.

MWSP organizers encourage anyone to participate in any of the following six events at Chase Banks across Illinois:

Downtown Chicago: 3:45 p.m. at 10 South Dearborn,  and then march to the State of Illinois Building at 100 W. Randolph St.

Skokie, IL: 3:45 p.m. at the corner of Oakton & Lincoln

Homewood, IL: 4pm at 18301 Dixie Highway, and then travel to 1912 W. 174th St. (Rep. Will Davis’ Office)

Springfield, IL: 9 a.m. at 1 E. Old State Capitol Plaza

Peoria, IL: 12 p.m. at 124 S.W. Adams

Blommington, IL: 4 p.m. at the corner of Oakland & Four Seasons Rd.

Make Wall Street Pay Illinois will call on state government leaders to stop making us pick up the tab for Wall Street and the Big Banks and to make Banks renegotiate rotten deals interest rate deals they made with our cities and states, which could generate $88 million for the State alone. They are calling on the legislature needs to pass HB 1810 and HB 1109, which will hold banks accountable for the damage of continued foreclosures in our communities and to pass “decoupling” legislation, to stop corporations from double dipping in the federal accelerated capital depreciation tax break which would bring up to $1 billion to the State of Illinois.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Ritter, Lakeview Action Coalition
773-593-1296 (c),


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